Live Ekstraordinær
Brand Platform

Looking to further cement their place within the market BoConcept sought after a new brand platform to base their global communications off, from London to New York via Copenhagen and Osaka, ensuring they tell a clear and consistent brand story at all times. 

Working with concept & strategy teams we developed their new brand platform - Live Ekstraordinær. This is their belief, with a little Danish Wink, that you shouldn’t be anyone but yourself - when you are, life is extraordinary.

Remaining inherently Danish as a brand, we used the nation’s love for bending, not breaking, the rules to create our ownable visual style – the Danish Wink. This gave us permission to creatively break from the expected and twist the ordinary. Ensuring our visuals always offer more than meets the eye, while remaining unmistakably BoConcept.

And why a wink? Because it’s just a subtle suggestion. A nudge to pique your curiosity and encourage you take a closer look.

Designed at The Marketing Store

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